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posted by [personal profile] kchew at 10:18pm on 09/10/2010
Recently read: Game of Cages by Harry Connolly; City of Fire by Lawrence Yep; Bayou Moon by Ilona Andrews. Am now laughing my head off at Harry's original title for Game of Cages, Everybody Loves Blue Dog, as I get it now and it's hysterical. Completely not good as the final title, but very very funny.

New Plan! I have a lot of very cool books in the house which I am not reading because I buy them and then get distracted by the latest hold to arrive at the library for me, and so on. My New Plan is to read one book I've already bought and have sitting on my bookshelves for every book that I bring home (including from the bookstore and the library). I'm experiencing Total Fail in this department so far, but I have hopes that it might catch on.

I have, because I Love My Husband, and he is experiencing general lifesuck, given him first crack at I Shall Wear Midnight by Terry Pratchett. He was reading it in the bath, earlier in the evening. The book did not hit water, nor did water hit it. My husband still lives. Did I say that I Love him? I must.

I've been working in the bookstore (one day a week) for about three months now, and it is a Good Thing. I'd forgotten how much I like recommending books to people, talking away about this or that with that boingboingboing...read this! feeling of fun. I'm starting to get my book-selling feet under me again...it's been a long time since I worked in the bookstore and I was feeling that I had missed out on all the trends of the last seven to ten years, but it's getting better. Now I can tell myself that my reading at home is work-related, which it is, really, because how else can I recommend books but by reading as many as possible? I love having a justification beyond simple greedy book lust.

And how are you?
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posted by [identity profile] crosstables.livejournal.com at 02:30am on 10/10/2010
boo on the lifesuck :-(

We now have boxes and boxes of unusual books, some of which are undoubtedly very valuable... (e.g. Fanny Hill with Édouard-Henri Avril illustrations!) but it's so hard to tell. I should probably find a local rare books person who won't just give us $10 for a lot. So much work...

I just have Infinite Jest going, and that's all the reading I want to even THINK about tackling.
posted by [identity profile] kchew.livejournal.com at 04:35pm on 10/10/2010
While a new Pratchett doesn't drain away the lifesuck totally, it does whack it down and make it easier to handle.

I too have boxes and boxes of books that need to leave my house, and I too am overwhelmed by the job of selling them myself in a vain attempt to get something close to what they're worth. I did make it as far as cataloging them in Delicious Library, and just have to get around to a) putting the list up online and b) finding a place to host said list/page. I want to advertise them to my LJ flist first, as they are discerning readers all, and try to winnow the list down that way before sending the rest out into the Great Beyond.

And, yes, Infinite Jest is a book that Consumes the Brain and admits no other reading...
posted by [identity profile] radargrrl.livejournal.com at 04:00am on 10/10/2010
Iz OK.
posted by [identity profile] kchew.livejournal.com at 04:36pm on 10/10/2010
Iz good. Yayz!
posted by [identity profile] wrongradical.livejournal.com at 05:50pm on 10/10/2010
You know that I think fondly of you, the Husband and your sons. What's bringing about these feelings of general lifesuck? Hmm...maybe I can be of some help. Or some Hell. I have three boxes full of books to deliver to you, library discards or donations which we can't use. Railway books, train videos and an entire boxful of donated Japanese books.

The last thing I want is to be the wrench that is thrown into the Chevian New Plan, but perhaps you won't keep *every* Japanese book I am giving you. I have no idea what they're about since all I can "read" are Japanese picture books, and there ain't none of those. So maybe you'll end up chucking most of these Japanese donats [1] into the recycling.

[1] Library jargon for "donations". Pronounced like "donuts", but with a short A-sound, as in "hat".


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